Our Mission

Can one purposeful, kind act toward another change lives and inspire others?  We think so.  This thought inspired our "Not So Random" Acts of Kindness Project.   

Through this project we would make it a goal that everywhere we travelled, no matter how small the act, we would attempt to practice at least one random act of kindness as a family.  However, since we would consciously perform this act, it wouldn’t be all that random after all.  Sometimes in the normal day to day you get so caught up with living that the good intentions you have get overshadowed by the busyness of life.  Getting caught up in life is an excuse many of us use so often that we forget what it really means to live life.  Life is about these very moments of intentionally taking time for your fellow man.  It is about making your time here on Earth valuable.  This new life left us with no excuses.  We would now have time to be the people we felt we should be, by focusing on others.  This trip was about stripping our lives down to practicing our faith outwardly, discovering adventures, enjoying our family to the fullest, giving back in society and living out the life we were meant to live.  We were made to thrive.
This project was a way to challenge ourselves to do this very thing.  A way to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions, and maybe influence the actions of others along the way.  The four of us as a family would have the chance to volunteer and make a difference in areas we felt were important.  Areas that hit a soft spot in our hearts or prompted by the needs seen in the communities we encountered.  Of course any act could be as simple as randomly showing our fellow mankind unwarranted kindness in order to bring a smile to someone’s face.  It wasn’t about being grand, it was about being sincere and genuine. 


Below are a few of the things our family has participated in so far.  We hope this inspires you to do something intentionally, your own "Not So Random" act of kindness.   


Hancock Park, Dahlonega, Georgia

July 30,2014

What an amazing day! I was left completely speechless how our family was welcomed into this gorgeous little community of Dahlonega. We wanted to do something while we were here... for our "Not So" Random Acts of Kindness project and we were given the job to spruce up the town center park for their live music event this Friday. We had e-mailed the city manager letting him know we would like to help while we were here. Before we arrived we were left a message at the front desk of the campground that the city manager had come by to personally to welcome us to the town! Wow. This morning when volunteering, all we did was bring our willing hands and hearts and a few fresh flowers to plant and the response we received was beyond heart warming. We were completely humbled by multiple people in the town thanking us for our service, bringing us food, telling us their stories and giving us their prayers and support! Our family did one little thing and made an impact like this? These people were the real inspiration to us. I have a heart full of gratitude for knowing that what they gave us feels so much more than what we gave them. What a pleasure to serve the community with our kids and our whole family was astounded at the impact it made for us. A special thank you to Bruce, Joel and Becca with the city of Dahlonega for graciously allowing us to be part of this experience and welcoming us with open arms. Also, the amazing people who showed their love and support for our journey: Michelle, her 3 precious dogs (Luke, Cooper and Nugget) & Joe who all spoiled us ridiculously, The Fudge Shop, who thanked us with Fudge for our service and multiple other people who shared their time and heart warming stories throughout this amazing experience. This meant so much to our family and is only the beginning of the incredible moments we will have along this journey.
R Ranch in the Mountains, Dahlonega, Georgia
August 2,2014
Small kind acts are also part of our project. Sometimes you don't have to go "all out" to make someone's day or put a smile on someone's face. This day we left a little surprise for the next person at the laundry facility where we were staying that night!
Redbox at Ingles, Blairsville, Georgia
August 4,2014
Who doesn't love some microwave popcorn to go with their movie? The small things are as much fun as the big ones!
Urban Farm, Hands on Nashville, Nashville, TN
August 13, 2014
We were fortunate to be a part of Hands on Nashville and assist with their urban farm. This farm deals with not only growing food for less fortunate communities, but also educating these communities on agriculture and nutrition. What a great organization!
Family Futures, Grand Rapids, MI
September 10, 2014
Family Futures is a great organization that has been helping the community for the past 30 years. They assist families with the resources they need to have success and also educate teens on the issues of violence in relationships and how to have a healthy start to hopefully a great family life. We had the pleasure of helping at their creation station nad making handmade cards (Thank You, Birthday, Get Well Soon, etc). What a fun way to spend the afternoon with each other and getting to hopefully share some smiles!
Cran-Hill Ranch, Big Rapids, MI
September 12, 2014
We randomly stumbled upon this adorable little ranch in Michigan. We loved it so much we stayed for an entire week and helped them clear trails. The staff was so nice and this place is incredible. We were thrilled to help!
Hot Springs, AR
October 22, 2014
While in Hot Springs, we met an incredible lady with an incredible story.  She had recently been through a near death experience and shared her miraculous, recent recovery with us. She used her story to give thanks to God for her coming out of such a dark time.  We were thinking of her and wanted to do something special for her.  During our conversation it came up that she had never been down to the Hot Springs to enjoy their spa services.  So we were able to surprise her with a certificate and leave it for her.  She sent us an extremely touching e-mail showing her gratitude.  We were hoping it would brighten her day and we were so glad to hear that it did.
Salvation Army, Tyler, Texas
November 4, 2014
We had the pleasure of spending the entire day at the Salvation Army in Tyler, Texas.  We had no idea what an amazing operation they have to combat homelessness and help the less fortunate in communities across the country.  We met up with Jennifer, who was a fabulous host and gave us a tour of their rather impressive facility downtown.  We were able to lend a hand in the soup kitchen, help reorganize the store and even sort out the angel kids for the angel tree! What a fabulous day, with fabulous people and fabulous organization!

SPCA, Livingston, Texas
November 11, 2014

We were able to help out for the afternoon at a place our entire family was passionate about in Livingston.  These adorable furry friends gave us an afternoon full of puppy kisses and put smiles on all of our faces. They were so appreciative of a good walk and we enjoyed every minute of it.  We only wish we could have taken them all home, but I don't think they would have all fit into the RV!

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  1. You guys are absolutely inspirational. Yes, one purposeful, kind act toward another can inspire others and change lives!