Meet The Devoe Gang

We are the Devoes!!!  Nice to meet you!!!

Hi everyone, we are the Devoes, just an ordinary family of 5 (7 if you include our four legged friends), on a journey to discover the new American dream!  In July of 2014, we sold it all, left our careers in the rearview mirror and packed what was left into our RV on an epic journey across America.  For us, this expedition was about discovering faith, reconnecting as a family, finding simplicity in a very complicated world, building relationships with others and giving back to the communities and causes we encounter along the way.   
We always felt that we never did quite fit into "normal", and after 3 years of research and planning we were able to put our dream into action.  Our only regret....not leaving sooner!

Tom (Age Unknown)
(Devoe Clan Leader, Dad, Big Kid at Heart, Proud Christian, Real Estate Addict, Nomadic Dreamer)

Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Our priorities in life should be that simple and I am fortunate to have finally figured that out.  I plan to take full advantage of everything I have have been so blessed with.  Experiencing such an epic adventure and life on the road with the people I love the most is a dream come true. Exploring, learning, giving back, and simply living life to its fullest each and every day...what more can a man ask for?!?

Jaime (Younger than him ^)

(Co-pilot, Roadschool Teacher, Overseerer of the Clan, Epic Adventure Navigator)

My life is my family! Every day is a
new adventure, a chance to live life to the fullest with the people I love the most. For me this lifestyle is about enjoying life as the epic journey it is intended to be, instead of living life to reach a destination. So we are doing it BIG and taking a leap like no other to enjoy this incredible world God has given us!

Tyler (Age 16)

(Nomadic Homeschooler, Pizza Lover, Nature Enthusiast, Waterfall Seeker, Pizza Lover)

I'm 16 years old and 16 years young. Being able to see the country is an amazing opportunity that many people don't have the chance to do. I like to play: lasertag, paintball, airsoft, basketball, football, manhunt, flashlight tag, clash of clans, etc. I also love photography because you can capture amazing moments with just the click of the button. I am ready to see and learn about the country's past and present.
Haley (Age 14)

(Animal Whisperer, Future Zoologist, Artist)

I am a teenage girl who loves traveling. I also can not wait to do this trip because I get to see how other people live around the country. I enjoy writing about my experiences. During the trip I am going to start writing a book about my life. Life is amazing!!!

Jonathan James (Age 1)
(Baby Nomad, Tiny Explorer, Soon-to-be World Traveler)

I am the newest addition to the roll! I love my nomadic life with my family, although honestly I don't know it to be any different.  We live in a small space but it is filled with more love than any baby could ask for! I already love the outdoors, the new adventures and new faces at each new place we go.

Bless (The baby dog)

(Expert Trail Sniffer, Diligent Face Licker, Ice Cream Taste Tester)

 Since I am obviously the perfect dog for my family and this lifestyle, I know my family can't wait to take me to help sniff out every new place we discover. I plan to sniff out the trail as well as all the delicious cuisine from every state. Let's Roll!

Jessie (Fat Cat)
(Loafer, Snoozer, Dog Wannabe)

When I'm not laying around soaking up the rays everywhere we go, I guess I'll find some energy to take a stroll with my family. Honestly, there is no cooler cat around than me.

Lightning (Our "Current" Home on Wheels)

(Freedom Finder, Epic Adventure Basecamp)
Meet Lightning, our home on wheels!  He is a 2014 Open Range Light 5th Wheel.  Lightning is our 2nd home since hitting the road, a much needed upgrade to our growing family, he found his way into our hearts and keeps us comfortable on our journey.  Lightning serves as our basecamp while we are out exploring God's beautiful world!

Maverick & Goose (The Airstream Project and the Truck)
(Our beast and new project)
Meet Maverick, our new to us Airstream renovation project, and her sidekick Goose, our
Dodge Ram 3500 tow vehicle.  Follow the complete renovation of the #Airstream by subscribing to the blog, subscribing on YouTube, and following along the journey
on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


  1. Hello there. I just read your article in the Escapees November/December magazine. It was a very interesting article. You listed 10 reasons why you did not wait to go full time RVing, each one was very in-depth and gave great reasons to full time. The one reason I feel you totally left out in your article and probably the most important to the reader is HOW you can accomplish it financially. For the older generation (like us) who had if you will sticks and bricks jobs, even you stated you left full time jobs how in the world do you make enough money to support a young family? Medical insurance, normal monthly bills and payments, college preparation for the kids, etc, etc. Seems to me unless you have a huge nest egg buried somewhere it's pretty near impossible to make ends meet and live the lifestyle you portray in your article. I am a retired Electrical Contractor, worked 80 hours a week for 30 years to support 4 children and send them all to college or advanced schooling. They are grown today with children of their own in college, none have fancy elaborate homes or lifestyles and are doing OK but are far from rich. I know the opportunities for work at home (or on the road) have grown with leaps and bounds over the past 10 years, this appears to contribute to the reason my son who is running our electrical business as well as other trades are experiencing difficulties recruiting new tradespeople. It appears no one wants a "normal" job anymore where you show up for work at 7:00 am and go home at 3:30 pm and look for overtime on the weekend to augment your income, who is going to build all the new buildings?
    In closing It really would have rounded out your article if you had elaborated on the how's you were/are financially capable to live the life style you have chosen.
    Thank You.

  2. I like that you describe yourself as an "ordinary" family. So inspiring to those who may think you would have to be "extraordinary" (or, at least, a little nuts) to do this. Thanks for sharing your mission and how you're accomplishing it.
    I've added your blog to my blogroll at I also have another website, where we have several members who, like you, are families on the road. I would love to chat about how we might get you involved if you're interested.